No Regrets.

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Bobbie-Freshman at Ridge; Music and sports are my life. I play video games. I love elephants and blogging. Well, get to know me. c:

Sometimes I ask myself what I do that is so wrong? I just don’t get it sometimes. I feel like I go from being #1 to #100 and it’s probably the worst feeling a person CAN feel. I tell myself everyday that people do stupid things, say stupid things, and even act stupidly but it’s still no excuse to be treated like you have done every thing possible wrong. I don’t even know what to tell myself anymore, it’s like my own mind contradicts with it’s own thoughts and I have no control anymore. I always find myself feeling angry when there’s nothing to be angry about. Running seems to be the only thing that keeps my mind on the same level. It’s crazy to be stuck in your own head sometimes.